Novation Group is made up of two Spanish companies (Novation IT Systems S.L and Novation SECURITY Systems S.L.). These companies collectively design, develop, manufacture, install, commission, maintain and improve added-value systems, applications and processes for end clients, using telecommunications and multimedia information systems-related technologies.

Activities developed by Novation Group are multi-disciplinary and multi-sector. We have numerous references within the transportation sector and, particularly, within the railway domain. Our group, with a clear orientation towards innovation, has satisfactorily conducted projects aiming at the implementation, renewal and/or improvement of communications networks, including wireless train-track broadband applications, physical security (CCTV, access & intrusion control) and cybersecurity; voice applications (telephony, intercom and passenger information systems), multimedia applications such as digital signage and control systems. Our offering includes data analytics, monitoring and maintenance of core services, and its integration within the clients’ processes.