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The information contained in these Conditions might be modified. Consequently, the USER must carefully read this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy on each of the occasions in which he intends to use the website, as it may suffer modifications.





The owner of the website, through it, makes available to the USER access to a series of CONTENT and information that may be provided by the owner or by third parties.

Novation reserves the right to limit, interrupt and suspend access to the website or the use of all or some of its CONTENTS or information at any time.

Likewise, the owner reserves the right, at any time, to modify the location on the website of the CONTENTS available, as well as the configuration of both the CONTENT or information and access to them, and the look and feel.




The USER expressly and unequivocally accepts that the access and use of the website does not imply any type of guarantee, which is expressly waived by the owner, with respect to the suitability of the CONTENTS included therein for specific purposes of the USER. Consequently, both the access to the website and the use of CONTENT and information is provided under the sole responsibility of the USER. The owner will not respond in any case and in any way, neither for direct or indirect damages, nor for emergent damage nor for lost profit, nor for the possible damages derived from the use of the CONTENTS or the conclusions that the USER himself extracts from the CONTENT.

The USER expressly and unequivocally accepts that the owner may establish at any time additional conditions or restrictions for accessing the website and for the use of the CONTENT, whose observance will be immediately complied with by the USER.


The USER consents expressly and unequivocally that he will make an access to the website and, where appropriate, use the CONTENTS therein in accordance with these general conditions, the particular conditions that may be available for each CONTENT, as well as the other applicable regulations, good practices and customs, good faith and public order. In any case, the USER agrees to:

  1. Not to make access or use of the website or its CONTENTS, in a manner which is not permitted or contrary to the purpose of the web and the regulatory framework that regulates it. Thus, the USER should not make or attempt to access or use of CONTENT and / or restricted areas if in the future they have access to the website without the proper authorization to do so. In addition, the USER must make such access and use of restricted areas using the procedures and tools that the website itself has established for it. In no case shall the USER, whether or not authorized to access or use restricted CONTENTS, use of any procedures, means or computer tools that seek to obviate the security and identification measures provided by Novation or by third parties.
  2. Access and / or use the website and / or the CONTENTS within the principles and purposes for which they were created and made available to the USER, respecting the format in which the CONTENT is published, and the general conditions set forth herein. In order to comply with these principles and purposes, the USER undertakes to: b.1) not to carry out or attempt to carry out actions that entail or may lead to direct or indirect damage, in general, over the website and the CONTENTS or information provided therein. Particularly the USER shall not carry out or attempt to carry out actions entailing damage over the rights of the owner or of any third party, whether USER or SUPPLIER of the website. b.2) Not to perform or attempt to carry out actions that imply, among others, modifying, manipulating or eliminating the references or mentions on protection of intellectual or industrial property rights of the owner or of third parties, both of the website and the CONTENTS therein. b.3) Not to carry out actions that damage or may damage the systems of the owner or third parties, or that affect or may affect the normal development of the object of the website. These actions include the introduction of computer viruses in the systems of the owner, USERS or of any third party that may potentially affect the website in any way, as well as actions aimed at the dissemination of such viruses both in the website as well as throughout the internet via the website.
  3. The USER will be liable for all damages, of any nature, that the owner, any other USER or a third party may suffer resulting from the improper use made of the website or the CONTENTS contained therein. Likewise, USERS will be liable for any monetary compensation that the owner must make effective resulting from an administrative decision, judicial verdict or transactional agreement aimed at compensating third parties for the damages caused for the same reason.


The USER expressly and unequivocally states that he undertakes not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the CONTENTS, unless he has the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted. Additionally, the USER shall not break or attempt to break the protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be inserted in the CONTENTS referred to, for example, the protection of their intellectual or industrial property.

The USER undertakes not to obtain or attempt to obtain the mentioned CONTENT using means or procedures other than those that have been made available for this purpose or have been expressly indicated on the website pages or are available on the Internet and do not involve a risk of damage or disablement of the website and / or the CONTENTS.



The mere exhibition of products and / or services and the information thereof provided by the owner of the website or through links to other merchant websites of the business group to which Novation belongs, does not imply any commercial activity. Transactions or provision of solutions/services that may take place between the owner of the website and a USER, will be carried out by a specific contract. These contracts will be subject to the legislation and rules applicable to the particular case. The purpose of the links that appear on this website is exclusively informative. These links shall not assume, in any case, a suggestion or invitation to the USER to visit the destination websites. Novation will not be, in any case, responsible for the result that the USER intends to obtain from the websites accessible through the aforementioned links.

Commercial offers, prices, innovative market products and, everything related to the CONTENTS of the website and links to other websites thereof, may be varied at any time by the owner. Such changes or updates do not pose any liability to Novation, nor is Novation assuming any liability due to material or transcription errors of such CONTENT on the website. All of this without prejudice to compliance by the owner of the provisions of general and specific legislation applicable to him.




CONTENTS and information provided by Novation, as well as the CONTENTS through the website and the corresponding links, are protected by applicable international laws and conventions on intellectual property matters. Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and any other act of public exploitation of website pages and information thereof is prohibited without the express and prior written consent by Novation, save in the case when the scope of application and use is private of the ÙSER and as long as transfer to third parties does not occur. Consequently, all the CONTENTS that are shown on the websites: designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible of industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of Novation or third parties who have duly authorized their inclusion on the website.

CONTENTS, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that form part of the website pages, as well as the software necessary for the operation and visualization thereof, are also subject to Copyright and remain protected by international conventions and national laws on intellectual property as applicable. Failure to comply with the above implies the commission of serious unlawful acts and its sanction by civil and criminal legislation.

Any act by virtue of which the USERS of the services or CONTENTS exploit or commercially use directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the CONTENTS, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of website is forbidden unless there is prior written permission from Novation.

Specifically, and without exhaustive character, the acts of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, retransmission, broadcast in any form, storage in physical or logical media, digitization or publication on databases other than those belonging to those authorized by Novation are prohibited. Translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of such information, images, forms, indexes and other formal expressions or commercial phrases that are made available to USERS through the services or CONTENTS are also prohibited, inasmuch as these CONTENTS are subject to the applicable legislation on intellectual property, industrial or image protection.

Novation is free to limit access to the website, and the services offered on it.

Any of the technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which a third party may benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from any CONTENTS, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the website pages, is prohibited. In particular, any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that may be established as referring to Novation web pages without the prior, express and written consent of Novation is prohibited. Any violation of the provisions of this point will be considered as an injury to the legitimate rights of intellectual property of Novation.


Novation will not assume any responsibility for consequences arising from the aforementioned conducts and actions.





The owner does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of the website or of those other websites with which a link has been established. Also, the owner will not be in any case responsible for any damages that may arise from: a) the lack of availability or accessibility to the website or to those other websites with which a link has been established. b) The interruption in the functioning of the website or computer failures, telephone breakdowns, disconnections, delays or blockages caused by deficiencies or overloads in the telephone lines, in the Internet system or in other electronic systems required in the course of its operation. c) The lack of suitability of the website for the specific needs of the USERS and d) Other damages that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interferences beyond the control of the owner. In addition, the owner warns that the presentation of CONTENTS and information on the website to the USER, depends largely on the fact that the USER’s hardware and software complying with any necessary technical requirements at the discretion of the owner. Therefore, the owner is not responsible for the impossibility or deficiency in the provision of CONTENTS or information on the website or the use thereof by USERS in the event that they do not meet the aforementioned technical requirements.

The owner does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the website introduced by third parties unrelated to the owner, that may cause alterations in the physical or logical systems of the USERS or in the electronic documents and files stored in their systems. Consequently, the owner will not be responsible in any case for any damages of any kind that may arise from the presence of viruses or other elements causing alterations in the physical or logical systems, electronic documents or files of the USERS. The owner does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties access the type of use of the website made by the USER or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which said use is made. Consequently, Novation will not be responsible in any case for any damages that may arise from such unauthorized access.


The owner will not be responsible in any case for the use that USERS and / or third parties could make of the website or the CONTENTS and information, nor for the damages that could derive from it. The owner warns that any studies, opinions, reports, etc. made available as CONTENT on the website, shall only provide guidance serving as support to the activity of the USER. The USER expressly accepts that in no case shall the owner assume any responsibility for any damages that caused directly or indirectly by the use made by the USER of said CONTENTS.

Any responsibility for the decisions that the USER may take based on this information is excluded, as well as for possible typographical errors or technical inconsistencies that the documents and graphics on the website may contain. The information is subject to possible periodic changes without prior notice of its CONTENT by extension, improvement, correction or update of the CONTENTS.





The USER expresses and expressly and unequivocally authorizes the owner to use, if he deems it appropriate, cookies, when the USER accesses and / or uses the website. The USER may reject these cookies voluntarily. The use of such cookies by the owner will occur in a dissociated manner, so that there will be no process of association between the USER and / or his access device and the personal data of the USER. In no case will the voluntary rejection of the establishment of Cookies prejudice the USER’s ability to access and use the website CONTENTS. For more information, refer to COOKIES POLICY.

7.2. LINKS

All those who intend to establish a link, hyperlink between their website and this website must obtain prior authorization from the owner. In the case of obtaining such authorization (which may be revoked unilaterally at any time), the establishment of the link will have to meet the following requirements: a) The establishment of the link in no case may imply any reproduction of the website, but only serve to allow access to the web. Likewise, access through the link can only be made to the main page of the website (homepage). b) A frame or a border environment will not be created on the website. c) False, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about the website shall not be made. d) It will not be declared or implied that the owner of the website endorses, recommends, supervises or assumes the CONTENT or the services provided on the web pages with which the link has been established. Therefore the owner will not be liable to any responsibility in which the linked web page may incur. e) In any case, the authorization to establish the link will be in accordance with the provisions of this section, so under no circumstances will it imply the possibility of using, on the website with which a link has been established, any intellectual or industrial property rights of the owner or of any third party.

In any case, the web page in which the link is established may not contain distinctive signs that may lead to the understanding of any association relationship (if it does not exist) between the services, products and CONTENT provided on and available through website. Likewise, they can not induce to understand the existence of association (when not existing) between the physical person, legal entity or entities that manage or owns said web page and the owner or CONTENT providers. The Web page in which the link is established, during the time period that the link is established, may not provide services or CONTENTS that are unlawful, fraudulent, contrary to these general conditions, to good faith, to good customs and the rights of third party CONTENT providers of the web or the owner.


If any clause of this legal notice of this website is declared totally or partially null or ineffective, it will affect only that provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective. The rest of the legal notice shall subsist, save in the case where the section declared null is essential to the wording of the notice.


The owner reserves the right to exercise as many actions as are available in law to demand the liabilities arising from the breach of any of the provisions of this Legal Notice by a USER. The provision of the website, related CONTENT and these clauses are governed by Spanish Law. To the extent permitted by law, the parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.