“Our clients require tools that make it possible to manage their end customers, disseminate and inform of their services and products in a way that is dynamic and flexible”


At Novation group we have developed our own solutions to distribute and play multimedia content (digital signage), with the use of platforms that can be remotely managed.


Our value proposal includes:


  • Vertical multimedia solution developed internally by Novation group: highly scalablesupporting unlimited players and displays that can be remotely managed from the platform.


  • Incorporation of content from heterogeneous sources (multi-source management).


  • Segmented distribution to different clients (multi-channel distribution).


  • Able to easily add/delete/manage multimedia content, making it possible to set individual outlines / rundowns per player.


  • Includes state-of-the-art multimedia technologies, inclusive of standard formats such as H.264, H.265 and HE-AAC codecs, and up to 4k resolution. Use of different multimedia formats (HTML-5, flash, java, etc.)


  • Able to integrate with heterogeneous network environments.


  • Platform equipment and components can be customized to harsh environments (industrial, railway). They can be built according to stringent space requirements – with a reduced form-factor and the use of virtualization.


  • Our platform allows for centralized management, including real-time monitoring of platform components. Configuration of different user-profiles with different access/privilege levels.