“The popularization of IP multi-service networks facilitates the integration of our clients’ voice service needs. This is especialy useful in environments where our clients demand connectivity of end users connected from distant, remote locations”


At Novation group we boast a voice-platform that can integrate all voice services/applications over IP, including:

  • Telephony
  • Intercommunications
  • Passenger information systems (broadcast)


The main differentiators of our platform are:


  • Able to integrate and record heterogeneous audio sources (analog / digital).


  • Able to perform voice analytics, thus enabling:
    • Interactive voice recognition.
    • Voice to text conversion.
    • Pattern detection.


  • Integration with security systems (new or existing).


  • Adaptable to people with reduced hearing abilities.


  • Platform components can be customized for multi-environment applications:
    • Industrial.
    • Railway.
    • Corporate/campus.


  • Design and development of embedded intercom applications in handheld devices. 
    • “Web-based intercom” application.


  • Our platform can be easily integrated with control & monitoring platforms, thus allowing for remote management.