“Railway rolling stock has become a totally connected node, albeit with the capacity to generate tons of data and thus requiring increased bandwidth in order to transmit information from operation services such as CCTV, voice, passenger info and its own telemetry. The benefits of exploiting these data include increased operation & maintenance performance”


Given the outline of the above need, our proposal includes:


  • Design and implementation of multi-environment, multivendor train-to-track communication systems based on state-of-the-art wireless technologies:
    • We promote architectures featuring redundancy and security by design, thus achieving ultra bandwidth performance (>300Mbps) at application levels.


  • Design and implementation of on-board communication networks, thus enabling the “digital train” paradigm.
    • Our design incorporates layer-based architectures – data capture, transport, storage, processing and analytics of data coming from on-board systems.


  • Our solutions allow for seamless integration with existing on-board and fixed networks, making it possible to remotely control railway vehicles, in a way that is safe, reliable and secure.


  • Our designs cater for the requirements in harsh environments (industrial, on-board train). Our products are built in conformance with applicable standards such as EN50155/IEC60571/IEC61373/EN50121-3-2/EN45545-2 and the space constraints – especially in retro-fit, brownfield projects. In this light, we aim at designing reduced form-factor equipment and virtualized applications.


  • Our solutions can be easily integrated in network management & monitoring tools – thereby allowing for remote maintenance.