“Once a technology need has been determined, our clients require experience and expertise for an adequate design of the solution, guaranteeing that the desired functionalities are achieved in a reliable, safe & secure, scalable manner, maintainable and cost-efficient, thereby allowing for a straightforward integration of such solution in our clients’ business processes. It is only then that controlled steps can be taken towards implementation phase.


Our added-value proposal includes:


  • Basic and detailed design of technology solutions, based upon telecommunications and multimedia systems, including:
    • Efficient and scalable architectures. We strive to find a balance between granularity, scalability, operability and maintainability.
    • Incorporation of the security-within-design paradigm (physical and cyber-security).
    • We put a focus on desiging for integration and implementation, thus easing off technological evolution and maximising RoI.
    • Use of open as opposite to proprietary systems and solutions. We develop our own solutions plus integrate third-party products and systems so as to maximise investment impact.


  • Design of technologically complex solutions.


  • Design-to-deliverable orientation, so that:
    • A self-contained document set baseline exists, so that implementation can be done in an orderly manner.
    • A sound description of functionality, architecture, interfaces, dependencies and risks is provided.
    • Project planning and control activities (quality, verification, integration and validation) are clearly set.