“Complex projects require tailored solutions that can deliver specific functionality or cater for specific integration needs – in a way which results safe & secure, reliable and cost-efficient”


Novation group as a dedicated hardwarde development department which is specialised in the development of customized equipment and components, fitting our clients’ requirements and needs.


Our value proposal includes:


  • Design and development based on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf).


  • Design and development of resilient systems, capable of coping with harsh environments (industrial, railway). We design and build scalable equipment, with a reduced form-factor and conforming with relevant non-functional standards such as EN50155/IEC60571/IEC61373/EN50121-3-2/EN45545-2.


  • Design and development of technology demonstrators and prototypes. 


  • Series production of equipment for shipment to projects.


Below is a list of products design and developed by Novation:


  • Dual intercom (IP+FXO).
  • Power-over-cable devices for HD cameras.
  • Ethernet-over-coax devices.
  • Devices with virtualization functionality for complex environments.
  • On-board train devices for ultra broad-band train-to-track communication.
  • On-board devices for support to driver operations in tramway / light rail environments.