“In a hyper-connected world, our clients’ assets, processes and services generate data that can be analysed for improved decision making and the optimization of critical business metrics”


Our proposal includes:


  • Design and implementation of data-capture equipment in harsh environments (industrial, railway),  conformant with relevant standards such as EN50155/IEC60571/IEC61373/EN50121-3-2/EN45545-2 and able to connect with network infrastructure. Typically:
    • We analyze our clients’ context and environment.
    • Novation has in-house hardware & software development departments.
    • We promote the use of highly scalable, low form-factor, virtualization-enabled equipment.
    • At Novation we can perform integration with third-party systems that use industrial protocols that can be typically found in our clients’ infrastructures. This is a key enabler to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).


  • Design and implementation of data storage and processing systems.


  • Design and implementation of data analytics (big data) solutions using unlicensed applications. We also perform integration with third-party solutions.


  • We obtain KPIs and elaborate dashboards, further integrating these in business processes.


  • Our solutions are designed for a seamless integration with monitoring & control tools – therefore enabling remote maintenance & management.