“Our clients require communications networks capable of interconnecting their assets and processes, in a fast and reliable manner, so thet can focus on the value chain of their business”


Our solutions include:


  • Design and implementation of multi-protocol, multi-technology (SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, MPLS, IP, etc.), multi-vendor and multi-evironment (campus, industrial, railway, etc.) fixed and wireless networks.
    • New deployment (greenfield).
    • Existing infrastructures (brownfield): we support the diagnosis, troubleshooting and evolution of existing networks, through the implementation and integration of new systems, services and applications.


  • Our activities include network infrastructure engineering in order to achieve fit-for-purpose designs, thus allowing connectivity between network infrastructure and end users, plus between mobile and fixed assets.


  • Our designs integrate physical and logical (cybersecurity) solutions and paradigms, and support applications such as synchronisation, distribution of master clock signals. Our proposal also caters for network management and monitoring tools.