“Operation of our clients’ assets usually require a control centre acting as a hub. Centralization must be achieved in a safe, secure and interoperable manner, so that operation & maintenance of business-critical services and applications can be achieved”  


Our value proposal includes:

Centralization of operations, security & maintenance

  • OCCs (Operation control centres):
    • Secure design and integration of OCCs in network infrastructure.
    • Integration of different functionalities/systems within a single OCC.
    • Multi-application, multi-user workstations – user-profile dependant, to allow for flexibility.
    • Design, development, implementation and commissioning of SCADA integration software.


  • DPCs / DCs (Datacenters):
    • Design and implementation of server farms – with ad-hoc power supply and air-conditioning solutions.
    • Design and implementation of storage, backup and virtualization solutions.


  • Design and implementation of BMS (Building Management System).

Multi-system integration

  • Design and implementation of audio & video analysis systems.


  • Design and implementation of integrated platforms for holistic management of physical and logical (cyber) security: PSIM – Physical Security Information Management System and SIEM – Security Information and Event Management System.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) of services

  • Design and implementation of remote management and monitoring of equipment, systems and services on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, with bespoke service level agreements.


  • In-house solutions for:
    • Remote identification, escalation and management of incidents.
    • Inventoyring of equipment, systems, services and applications. 
    • Data analytics, elaboration of client-defined KPIs and mapping into dashborads for the management of business processes.