“Availability of processes, services and assets is key to our clients – especially when critical infrastructure depend upon them. Proactive management of incidents, asset inventorying and remote supervision are extremely useful tools for business management. On top of this, it is capital to count on service availability metrics & KPIs in order to improve decision making”


At Novation group we differentiate ourselves by standing close to our clients when it comes to making decisions over service maintenance and improvement. We also provide them with assistance during incident resolution.


We have an in-house Operationg & Maintenance (O&M) department for remote operation and upkeeping of processes, services and assets. We deliver such services on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. Our O&M department is led by sound professionals with in excess of 15 years’ experience in operation and maintenance of technology systems in international environments, with demanding SLA (service level agreement) levels.


In addition, our O&M department has developed and applies incident escalation processes and procedures, thereby categorising incidents in 3 levels (severe, minor, query). As well as performing supervision activities, we are able to maintain applications and equipment – including hardware repair.


Our added value proposal includes:


  • Proactive monitoring of our clients’ processes, services and assets. This is a big facilitator for the planning of further technology changes.


  • Deep, differentiated knowledge of our clients’ processes, services and assets for an optimised decision making process in case of incident.


Use of in-house developed tools for:


  • Management of notifications and incidents (call centre), with effective segregation of root-cuase and level of affection to processes and services.
    • We can easily integrate ourselves with existing monitoring tools or
    • We can adapt our internally devised monitoring solutions to clients’ needs.


  • Remote control, management and monitoring of processes, services and assets – via a data connection, with a high degree of granularity:
    • Inventorying of equipment and systems.
    • Synthesis of KPI’s related to functionality and availability of systems and equipment, and the affection thereof to processes and services.


  • Management, planning and delivery of preventive and corrective maintenance. We have in-house specialised technicians for the relevant systems and technologies. .
    • Repair of hardware-based systems.


  • Delivery of reports containing statistics on production, repairs and availability.


  • Data analytics to infer process & services KPIs and the production of dashboards, aggregation of vertical applications and improvement of business process-related decision making.