“Our clients need to know all feasible alternatives prior to embarking into information systems and telecommunications investments. This is applicable both to greenfield projects and to those where a transformation or evolution of existing systems is envisaged”


Our value proposal includes:


  • First identification of our clients’ needs in terms of improving their business processes by means of technology.


  • Brainstorming sessions, discovery workshops and gap analyses in order to devise an initial transition or implementation plan.


  • Multicriteria analysis for the identification of a sound tradeoff between investment levels (use of LCC – life cycle costing approach), expected performance, CAPEX Vs. OPEX, planned duration, risks, etc.


  • Assessment of feasible technology alternatives, considering criteria such as:
    • TRL – technology readiness level.
    • Tradeoff between use of proprietary Vs. open systems / technologies.
    • Management of technology risks through the use of prototypes and demonstrators.


  • Provision of assistance to our clients during the controlled execution of implementation plans. A staged delivery can accommodate gate reviews and the measurement of improvements with respect to a known starting point.