“Secure operation of our clients’ infrastructure is business critical. It is a complex problem requiring a holistic approach towards physical and logical security”


Our solutions include:

CCTV over IP in multi-platform environments

  • Integration of CCTV systems in complex environments, including brownfield premises – with a large existing equipment inventory (including analog devices).


  • Novation boasts an in-house developed video management and integration system (NVO – Novation Video-surveillance Operations *). It allows for recording, visualizing and transmitting video over a communications network. It features a multi-platform architecture, virtualization-enabled, open and scalable. It works as a “virtual video matrix”, making it possible to send or play video from any network location.


(*) Compatible with IG-Monitor technology.

In-house developed video integration & management system

Our video platform integrates hardware & softare designs by Novation group. Its differentiating features are:


  • Able to integrate IP and analog cameras, supporting different encoding/decoding standards, video flux, image resolutions and control interfaces.


  • Seamless integration with remote control, monitoring and maintenance platforms, therefore allowing platform tele-control.


  • Encryption and parametrization of recordings, including the incorporation of meta-data. Video recovery in case of disaster.


  • Recording back-up on demand – allowing for permanent storage of video scenes and data. This functionality is useful for moviola and forensics analyses.


  • Our system has been successfully implemented in industrial and railway environments in complex projects where integration with existing access control, alarm systems, data collection systems, automation-based systems, intercom & passenger info systems and SCADAs has been required. 


  • Able to aggregate real-time analytics of video and recordings.


  • Logging, control and traceability of all operations conducted within the platform, thus permitting off-line analyses and audit.


  • Platform components are adapted to requirements set out in harsh environments typically found in railway/industrial applications. We can adapt these to low-form factor and virtualization-enabled applications.

Integration with monitoring platforms

  • Seamless integration in control, monitoring and maintenance platforms – thus enabling remote management.